Hughlett Chiropractic offers a variety of products to help patients gain optimal health.

Therapeutica Customized Sleeping PillowBig Pillow



CCervical Wedgeervical Orthotic Wedge- $40

A Cervical Orthotic Wedge works to get the curve back in your neck, helping to correct the loss of cervical curve and combat forward head carriage.

This works with patients who have:

  1. Head Forward Posture
  2. Loss of Cervical Curve
  3. Neck Pain
  4. TMJ Pain
  5. Stress
  6. Head Pain
  7. Breathing Difficulties
  8. Fatigue

BiofrBiofreezeeeze is a topical analgesic which soothes relief for arthritis, sore muscles, and join discomfort. Sombra is also a topical pain relief for joint and muscle pain.

Heating GelsFFSombras
BioFreeze Gel 4 Fluid Oz – $12.00
BioFreeze Roll-on 3 Fluid Oz – $12.00
Sombra Cold & Warm Therapy gel – $12.00
Sombra Cold & Warm Therapy Roll-on – $12.00



CCore Products 552 - Core Products Soft Comfort CorPak Cervical 6orpak is a hot or cold therapy. It helps relieve strains, sprains, tendonitis, and other injuries.

Basic Comfort CorPak
Small, Hot & Cold pack – $5.00
Large, Hot & Cold Pack – $10.00

Dual Comfort CorPak 6″ by 10″ – $20.00
Soft Comfort CorPak 6″ by 20″ – $15.00